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Leveraged Staycation – Day 3

My, this week is going by so fast! Today was another awesome day of helping out at City of Refuge in Atlanta. This morning I was in Feed My Lambs, a Christian preschool/daycare for the women of Eden Village and the community. Never have I seen cuter kids! I wasn’t directly working with the kids since it was somewhat last minute, and to work with the kids there has to be paperwork filled out and such. I was able to organize, label and shelve books, sort construction paper and cut out some shapes for one of the teachers. While I was working, I could watch and listen to the different groups of children and observe how Feed My Lambs works. I was impressed with how well trained the children were, and the firm kindness of the teachers. At 9:30 the children have praise and worship, I would love to see the reaction in Heaven to those little voices singing “Jesus, I want my life to be pleasing to you”. I had a really hard time with the tears during that time. Part of me wishes I could quit my job and just go volunteer there every day.

After lunch I got to finish cleaning out the refrigerators that I started on Monday and finish removing tags from the backpacks for the kids. Then I headed over to CORE, the after school program and started working on organizing their library. I have a feeling that I won’t get to finish that job and it irks me. I love books and encouraging kids to read so it would be great for their library to be ship-shape, but I only have two more days and I think tomorrow is already filled up with jobs.

Looking forward to tomorrow, I’ll start out in the kitchen again, if Chef Tony needs me. Then help out with Safe Haven lunch check in, and afterwards….filing!



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