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A Call to Action

Saturday I attended “Beyond Personhood: Real Solutions to End Abortion”, a conference put on by Georgia Life Solutions. The conference was free, and two hours away, so I entertained the thought of not going. I wondered how good it could be, if it was free, but I did go and I am so glad I did. I’ve felt strongly about abortion for a long time but have never put those feelings into action, and this conference was just what I needed to get me off on the right foot.

Representative Bobby Franklin spoke about the ineffectiveness of the pro-life movement trying to reverse or repeal the Roe vs. Wade decision, while he pointed out that murder is already a crime in America. He contends that Roe vs. Wade should simply be ignored and state and county governments pressured or encouraged to enforce the existing murder laws. Rep. Franklin has also authored HB1 which, if I understand it correctly, would undo all previous laws and provisions made for abortion here in Georgia.

Charlie Wysong spoke twice, and he inspired, challenged and convicted me greatly. Mr. Wysong is the main reason there are no abortion clinics in Chattanooga TN and haven’t been for 18 years. Planned Parenthood has sued him for hurting their business which makes him a hero in my book. As I listened to Mr. Wysong recount his many stories from years of battling the abortion industry, I began to pray that God would raise up more men like him, because I don’t know many men as fearless and passionate as this man.

Mr. Wysong also talked about why we haven’t ended abortion yet, and he presented 3 main reasons. First, lack of prayer on the subject; second, lack of knowledge and teaching of God’s law in the family, to raise up a generation that have God’s law in their hearts and make laws accordingly; and, third, Christians who use birth control pills and IUD’s which prevent pregnancy at least part of the time, by ending the life of a child that has been conceived. I was unaware that these types of birth control operated in this way, and I think many other women probably are too.

Afterward, I continued to think about this information and looked up some stuff online about it. I remembered reading an article a while back, about a connection being found in some studies of a link between abortion and breast cancer. That women who had an abortion being at a higher risk of breast cancer because pregnancy starts changes in a woman’s breast and ending the pregnancy in abortion leaves these cells just wandering around, starting trouble. So I thought, if these birth control methods cause early abortions, could they also be causing breast cancer? I found articles that referenced research that indicated a link between birth control and breast cancer but I’m not a doctor, I haven’t done extensive research, so who knows for sure.

Randy Alcorn did do extensive research and then wrote a book, I intend to read this book and when I do, I’ll share with you on here. Until then, I have two clear courses of action that I can take, and sense God leading me to take. First, the issue of prayer, for specific and intentional prayer on the subject of  revival in hearts that will lead to the ending of abortion; and, second, letting my legislators know that I support House Bill 1 and urge them to support it as well, as well as urging my friends, family and circle of influence to do the same.

I plan to start an abortion prayer group, I’m thinking Hiram Starbucks at 7:15 Friday mornings every week. I know some people can’t do that but for those who can and want to, come join me. It won’t be a long, drawn out thing, just a few (or lot) of people praying for the end of abortion in America. Together we are a force for good!


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