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Leveraged Staycation – Day 5

Well, my vacation has ended. The week went by so fast, it’s hard to imagine how much stuff was packed into it. Friday I spent most of the day finishing organizing the CORE library with a break in the middle to participate in Adopt-a-Block. I joined a highschool group in picking up trash down a street in the community around City of Refuge, and going door to door asking questions to gain a better understanding of the people and needs in the neighborhood.

I will miss my new friends, buy I’m working on plans to stay involved at some level. I have learned a lot this week, gained a better understanding of the challenges that face lower income communities and the people that live there. This week has been quite refreshing and energizing as well. More ideas and dreams have been birthed in my heart and I have a lot more to pray about.



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Leveraged Staycation – Day 1

As a result of my pastor talking about leveraging whatever we have for eternity, I have embarked on an exciting adventure. I took a week of vacation from work and made arrangements to use that time as a volunteer at City of Refuge in Atlanta. I share this here because I am having so much fun and I thought others might be inspired.

So, for my first day I did quite a hodge-podge of tasks. I started in the garden, doing a little weeding and gathering and helped get started watering. Then I moved into the Resource Center where I got to give out back-to-school backpacks out to families in need. The afternoon was filled with cleaning: sweeping, dusting and cleaning out refrigerators (that last one didn’t get finished today). Tomorrow I will probably be working in the kitchen and I might be helping out in the daycare/preschool Wednesday.

City of Refuge is located in a needy part of Atlanta and is home to several ministries; women and children’s shelter, after school program, feeding the community several times a week, job skill training, GED classes, a health clinic, just about anything you can think of. I am looking forward to the rest of my week and learning more about this incredible ministry.

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Homeless in Atlanta

I can’t imagine what that would be like, it breaks my heart and I hope it always does. Buckhead Church posted this video by Matt Pearl, an 11Alive reporter who spent a day at Atlanta Union Mission back in January.

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