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Passion 2011: Report

This post is somewhat delayed, I’m still working on posting regularly. Passion 2011 was amazing, awesome, humbling, refreshing, renewing, challenging and inspiring. Things are changing, God is doing something and I am thrilled to be a small part in the movement He is behind. So much went down in these four days, much of it I won’t attempt to put into words but I will share a few glimpses as best as I can.

John Piper spoke at the last evening main session, I wasn’t in the session and don’t know exactly what he said but I saw it in the eyes and faces of the attendees as they filed out of Philips Arena, silently going to their Community Groups.

I went in to Passion this year somewhat spent, not sure if I had much to offer. I didn’t, but as I was emptied of myself by the end of the second day, the Holy Spirit came in and miracles happened.

As the days of the conference wore on, anywhere I went, I saw students praying. In twos and threes, in larger groups, with homeless people, it was everywhere and it was thrilling.

Do Something Now was, as usual, amazing and they raised over a million dollars for causes around the world, but more important than that, as important and wonderful as it is, are the thousands of college students all over the world who have caught a vision for the Kingdom of God and His glory. I can only imagine the long-term effects they, and I, will have on this world.

I didn’t take many pictures, but here are some of the ones I did take.

Towels and Socks for Atlanta shelters

The Glorious Wall - you can't see it but there are hundreds of small message written on it

These red bowls represent over a thousand hungry children fed

A Bird's Eye View of Do Something Now at Passion 2011

More Bird's Eye View



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Passion 2011

Last year I volunteered for Passion 2010. I had never attended a Passion event or went to 7/22, knew very little about Louie Giglio and John Piper and had never heard of Francis Chan. During the four day event I did not hear a single session, the days were long, cold and practically sleepless but in spite of all that, Passion 2010 changed me. A big part of the change was that I went into it with months of prayer for God to take me to the next level but I think it also had to do with emptying myself. A lesson that began at Passion 2010 and has continued throughout this year is one of emptying myself and being filled by the Holy Spirit. I’m certainly not there but I’ve found the path and started down it. I wanted something more, bigger, and boy did I get it! 2010 has been a revolutionary year in my life, compared to the years that preceded it but my prayer is that 2011 will make 2010 look like baby stuff.

As Passion 2011 gets started, pray for me and my fellow volunteers, pray for the leaders, speakers and musicians and pray for the 20,000+ students. And if our God is for us…

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