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Chris Tomlin: And if our God is for us

One word: Awesome.

I downloaded this album from iTunes the day it was released and proceeded to listen to it none stop for several weeks. This is my usual procedure with any new album that I love, I have to listen to it over and over, internalize it, know the songs.

Favorite songs on the album:

“Our God” – I already loved this song from Awakening and at first was like, “do we need another version, really?” But after hearing it with the strings, yes, we needed it.

“I Will Follow” – this is one of the songs that we had a sneak preview of at Passion City Church and from the first time we sang it, it has been one of my theme songs. This song verbalizes and expresses what I want my life to be about, period. And I love the sound of it, kind of bouncy, you could definitely dance to it if the mood strikes.

“I Lift my Hands” – this was another song that we sang at Passion City Church before the album was released and it expresses what I have to remind myself constantly, “I lift my hands to believe again, You are my refuge, You are my strength. As I pour out my heart these things I remember, You are faithful God forever. Let faith arise…”

“All to Us” – I was waiting for this one. Also sung at Passion City Church prior to the album release and specifically sung for the first time at the first (for me anyway) informational meeting about 515 Garson Drive. We were at GACS that night and there was an informational meeting after for anyone who wanted to stay, I knew I needed to stay. That was the first time I heard about 515 Garson Drive and Pastor Louie shared his vision for PCC. In that moment, I knew that this was where I was supposed to be, all of the visions that had been birthed in my heart but didn’t seem to really fit with where I currently was, were meant to for the city. Things just fell into place in my head and heart. At the end of the meeting, Louie asked Chris Tomlin to close us and after sharing his heart, he sang this song which pretty much sums it up. It’s all about Jesus, all for Jesus, He is all to us.



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515 Garson Drive

Gifts for refugee children

Since early 2010, I’ve been going to Passion City Church. From the very beginning it has been great, I know this is where I need to be. After the first time they talked about the property at 515 Garson Drive, I’ve been chomping at the bit to be there. I drove out there to scope it out long before there was a sign up or any indication of what was coming. This past Sunday, I was able to go on a tour of the building and I was blown away. Our tour guide was Bob and he was awesome, he knew so much about the whole process and was just as excited to show it to us as we were to see it. The best part was Louie and Shelley at the end sharing their heart and vision for Passion City Church and the neighborhood we’re moving into in a more personal way than we get at church with thousands of people. I’m so excited to see it finished and start really getting involved in the neighborhood. It’s gonna be great!

The view from the back of the building


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