Leveraged Staycation – Day 1

As a result of my pastor talking about leveraging whatever we have for eternity, I have embarked on an exciting adventure. I took a week of vacation from work and made arrangements to use that time as a volunteer at City of Refuge in Atlanta. I share this here because I am having so much fun and I thought others might be inspired.

So, for my first day I did quite a hodge-podge of tasks. I started in the garden, doing a little weeding and gathering and helped get started watering. Then I moved into the Resource Center where I got to give out back-to-school backpacks out to families in need. The afternoon was filled with cleaning: sweeping, dusting and cleaning out refrigerators (that last one didn’t get finished today). Tomorrow I will probably be working in the kitchen and I might be helping out in the daycare/preschool Wednesday.

City of Refuge is located in a needy part of Atlanta and is home to several ministries; women and children’s shelter, after school program, feeding the community several times a week, job skill training, GED classes, a health clinic, just about anything you can think of. I am looking forward to the rest of my week and learning more about this incredible ministry.


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