John Eldredge and “Waking the Dead”

I read this book for the first time, about 5 or 6 years ago, since then I’ve re-read it 3 times and I’ll likely read it several more times in my life. This book was revolutionary for me, the first time I read it, I had to stop every paragraph or two because I was crying. Lies that I didn’t know I was laboring under the belief of, were exposed and broken.

In spite of all the good that was poured into my life, I was in bondage to a lot of lies, the biggest one being the belief that I was not redeemable, that I was an “apostate” and somehow God couldn’t reach me. I still did the christian thing but was secretly convinced that I was a lost cause. These lies came, at least partly, out of years of struggle against my love for things dubbed “evil” by many of the church people I associated with. Things like the Star Wars movies,  the music of Sarah Brightman and Bon Jovi, Tolkien, etc. I tried over and over to kill my love for these things but to no avail, finally concluding that if I couldn’t stop loving “evil” then I must be “evil” myself. Reading “Waking the Dead” was like having the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. The dark cloud I had lived under for so many years was gone and I could see the Son.


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