Parents, Wisdom Searches and Homeschooling

One of the biggest things I’m thankful for are my godly parents and their courage to go against the status quo in how they raised us. I am the oldest of 8 children in a Christian homeschool family. Though my parents aren’t perfect and didn’t raise perfect children, they always tried to do what was best for us, and what God was leading them to do, whether it was popular or not.

We had family Bible reading and prayer every morning, they were called “Wisdom Searches,” we read through the Psalms and Proverbs systematically every month.

We memorized Scripture, chapters at a time, and although I can’t necessarily quote it all now, I still remember the essence of it.

We always went to church, churches that taught the Bible. If a church strayed from the truth or if we had simply outgrown a church, my parents promptly found another church.

All of these things have provided a solid foundation for my life, the rock, Jesus Christ. It is now my mission and responsibility to continue to build on this foundation and carry the legacy forward into the next generation.

Thank you Mama and “Deddy” for your faithfulness to Christ!



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2 responses to “Parents, Wisdom Searches and Homeschooling

  1. JP

    What great examples for all of us who have not established families of our own yet! Thanks for sharing!

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