Precious Adornment

Through a Facebook ad I discovered an awesome blog for Christian ladies called Precious Adornment. It was through this blog that I discovered “Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild,” an incredible book that I reviewed in a previous post. I’ve also been introduced to several wonderful Christian musical artists that I was previously unaware of and lots of online resources for encouragement and discipleship. Every day she posts a tidbit on true beauty, usually an excerpt from a book, they’re always good for a lift and a reminder of what really matters.

I look forward to checking my email each morning, knowing that there is going to be something good in there. 🙂

The blog is very encouraging for women seeking biblical womanhood. I highly recommend all you women out there, check it out. You can find it at



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2 responses to “Precious Adornment

  1. Melissa Griffin

    Thank you so much for your kind words and the recommendation of my blog, Linsay! It means so much to hear that you have found encouragement there. Thank you for reading; you have no idea what a blessing that is to me! =)

    • I try to get every lady I know to check out your blog, I am blessed by at least one of your posts every day! Thank you for all the hard work you put in to finding these great resources and sharing them with the rest of us!

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