The Tourist

I saw this movie the other night with friends. It wasn’t a movie I felt compelled to see in the theater but that’s what the group was going to see and I decided to go anyway. I’m so glad I did. The movie was really good, very enjoyable with a bit of an “old hollywood” flavor. One thing that really made an impression on me was Angelina Jolie’s character. She was a lady, the very essence of femininity and graciousness. Everything she did was classy, she was never pushy, whiny, naggy or overly tough. The next day, I was still thinking about it and decided that that is going to be an area of focus for improvement. I was inspired to cultivate my womanliness and femininity. Thanks Angelina!


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  1. J

    I was not expecting much of The Tourist myself… It well exceeded my low expectations! I thought it was going to be a little more of a suspense/action like SALT or the typical Angelina Jolie movie… Actually it was quite charming, funny, and family friendly if minus a few choice words. Much better then expected, it’s pretty much impossible to not root for and enjoy Jolie and Depp in this Old Hollywoodesque style film…

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