Counting and sharing your blessings

Today I had the privilege of participating in a local ministry that delivers food to needy families and I think the person who benefited the most was myself. Reaching out to someone in need is a surefire way to be filled to overflowing with joy and feel more alive than ever before. One house that we visited especially touched me, the father has throat cancer, the 9 year old child is in poor health and the mother looked like she might topple over. She hasn’t slept much recently due to anxiety for her husband and she was so thin. I plan to do more to try and help this family through a very hard time, though it is hard to know how to really help in such a situation. Ever since I left their house, I’ve been overcome with how good I have it. Just last night I was at a wonderful party with a group of lovely ladies, enjoying excellent  fellowship. I have loads of loving family members all around, ready to help out in tough times. I have some truly awesome friends. I have plenty of nourishing and tasty food to eat. Clothes aren’t a problem; I have a spacious and comfortable place to live. My health is good. Any problems that I do have are really too small to even mention. Every time my thoughts go back to this family I am humbled and filled with gratitude for God’s graciousness to me. I can’t wait to come alongside this family and share that grace.



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4 responses to “Counting and sharing your blessings

  1. JP

    I envy your compassion! You have made a positive influence in every life you touch!

  2. Rebekah

    I have been wanting to get involved in something like this. I believe helping others and learning to love my neighbors (not just the ones we like) as myself is what will make the biggest impact in my life and those around me. Very encouraging post! 🙂

    • I wanted to get involved long before I actually did it, the first time is daunting (knocking on strange doors and talking to/praying with people I don’t know is scary). The experience was incredible, I think I benefited more than anyone we visited. I’m glad you were encouraged, you being encouraged, encourages me.

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