2010 Election Picks

Some of the candidates are very hard to find any info on, so I’ve done my best.

Governor: Ray McBerry (R)

Lt. Governor: Rhonda Martini (L)

Secretary of State: Doug MacGinnitie (R)

Insurance Commissioner: Gerry Purcell (R)

Attorney General: Max Wood (R)

State School Superintendent: Kira Griffith Willis (L)

District Attorney: Chad Plumley (R)

U.S. Senate: Chuck Donovan (L)

State Senate: Bill Heath (R)

Public Service Commissioner: James Sendelbach (L)

Labor Commissioner: Melvin Everson (R)

Agriculture Commissioner: Kevin Cherry (L)

County Commissioner Post 4: Jason Anavitarte (R)

If you have information or suggestions that I may not have considered, please let me know.



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2 responses to “2010 Election Picks

  1. J

    I’m probably an idiot for not knowing, but what does the R and L stand for? Right, left, republican, liberal…

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