Long time, no write

After a rather extended absence (longer than intended), I am back. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration; I certainly did. As is my tradition, Christmas was spent with my family and New Years with friends.

New in 2010!

First things first, after Christmas I managed to lose 4 new pounds (plus 2 old ones that I had lost and gained back) making my new total weight loss 41 pounds! This was unexpected and a great boost to start the new year off on the the right foot.

I have fine tuned my daily diet a bit and will say more on that in an upcoming post.

Getting enough physical activity in each day was really whipping me, I was looking for an extra hour or half hour laying around unused (ludicrous, I know) and it hit me – break it up in smaller segments! Aha! Now my fitness is broken down into planned 10 minute segments that I spread throughout my day. I have illustrated a typical day below.

10 minutes – mild toning warm up (before work)

10 minutes – cardio, alternate between the bike or going up and down the stairs (before work)

10 minutes – 10-15 minute walk (at work, great to get away from the desk and get my blood flowing)

10 minutes – 10-15 minute walk (just before I leave work)

10 minutes – targeted toning (at home, after work)

10 minutes – targeted toning (at home, after work)

The last two are planned out on a rotating system so I’m not working the same areas back to back. I keep it pretty flexible, aiming for at least 40 minutes a day, working toward all 60 minutes. So far it seems to be helping me a lot.

My “resolutions” for 2010: have a glass of wine every day (inspired by my favorite french lady), have a piece of chocolate (the dark, good stuff) every day (also inspired by my favorite french lady) and to make time for reading. I really enjoy reading but it’s easy to let other things crowd in.

Till next time…


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  1. J

    You look fantastic, keep up the good work!!!

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