Progress Report

I have been a total slacker this week, I will get back on track with posting. This was a tough week but it’s over now and things are looking up again. On Monday I made the short journey to my parent’s house to weigh and discovered I have lost 4 pounds since the last time I weighed (when I started this blog). Yay! This brings my total weight loss up to 37 pounds. Since last October I’ve lost 37 pounds, I am definitely more active but certainly not a faithful exerciser; I do eat smaller portions but I eat a lot more food over all and better tasting food; I don’t eat low fat, fat free or low carb; I drink regular beer and have dessert on occasion. Except for my summer slackerness I lost weight steadily. This has really been a lifestyle change for me.

I’ve added another goal to my list, by next year (if not sooner) I plan to be able to go down all the stairs (425) at Amicalola Falls and come back up, without dying. To train for this Jennie and I are going to try to hike up Kennesaw Mountain once a week. This will also be a great workout!

Walking to just about anything isn’t really an option for me, I live too far from everything. So, in order to work in the “French Woman” way, I have begun parking really far from the entrance of any business I go to. That way I’m working in more activity in my daily routine.



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2 responses to “Progress Report

  1. J

    That’s a great idea about parking really far from the entrance! I think I’m going to start that as well!

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