Avoid being stranded

One major mistake I used to make on a regular basis, was letting myself get too hungry either by skipping meals or waiting far too long between meals. I would be ravenous and eat too much, usually of the wrong thing. This is one of the things I really heard first in “French Women Don’t Get Fat”; she talks of snacking and of always having an emergency snack on you to keep from making bad choices out of hunger. This is hard to do, it requires planning and forethought but it has saved me many times. A snack that carries in your purse nicely is a sandwich bag of nuts. They’re good for you, satisfying and they don’t easily crush or spoil. An apple or granola bar can serve well also. It is good to plan on having snacks, aside from your emergency stash. All of the health and diet emails and books I’ve read recently seem to agree on these two things; eat breakfast and have healthy snacks. Not only does it keep you from being hungry, it keeps your metabolism running higher which is something I think we all strive for. In “French Women Don’t Get Fat”, the author recommends yogurt as a great snack and one of the secrets of staying thin. She recommends greek yogurt, it’s thicker and creamier, get it plain, but you can add some honey and or fresh fruit and it is quite delicious. Other healthy snacks include veggies with hummus, fruit, string cheese; the possibilities are endless. A really tasty snack I created is rosemary and olive oil flavored Triscuit with goat cheese and tomato on top, mmmmmm.

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  1. J

    Love the snack ideas! Greek yogurt is the best!

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