Get Creative, Be Flexible

The key to my success so far has been creativity and flexibility. Being extremely busy, I sometimes have to think outside the box when it comes to diet and exercise. I love beer, but beer can have a lot of calories, so if I know I want to drink I’ll eat really light that day to balance out the calories and carbs in the beer. This same principle can be applied to other things as well. Maybe your weakness isn’t IPA but a warm brownie or chips and queso. Balance out something more fattening that you really love with lighter eating before or after. There are several nights a week that I don’t get home until after 9 or 10 pm so I have to work a little harder to fit in exercise. One trick is to do at least 30 minutes on my stationary bike while watching my latest DVD from Netflix; that way I’m getting exercise and entertainment at the same time. At the concert I attended last night, I got in a pretty good workout just going crazy for the music I love.

This week I switched over to a tomato and goat cheese fritatta for breakfast, it is even better than the peppers and onions fritatta, if you can believe it. For dinner this week I’m doing a green salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon and goat cheese. Quick money saving tip if you’re going to use crumbled goat cheese: the goat cheese that is not crumbled is a lot of times cheaper than the goat cheese that is crumbled. I bought the un-crumbled and saved a good deal of money by doing the work myself, and it didn’t take that long. A time saving tip that I’ve employed is to go ahead and chop my parsley and garlic and grate my parmesan in advance, saving time when actually making the fritatta. Some things don’t keep well once you’ve cut them though so you can’t always use this method. Every bit of time saved helps though, especially in the morning.



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4 responses to “Get Creative, Be Flexible

  1. J

    My legs were a little sore today. So I’m either really out of shape or burned a few calories at the concert…

  2. “I got in a pretty good workout just going crazy for the music I love.” – lol! 🙂

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