Baby Steps

My singles pastor talked one night about making a two degree shift; rather than try to tackle a huge change make one or two small two degree shifts and the further you get from your starting point the bigger difference you’ll see. This idea has really helped me a lot and not just in the area of weight loss. Rather than make lofty goals to thouroughly clean the house every week, I decided to keep the dishes done, daily as much as reasonably possible. Not only is it an acheivable goal but the dishes being done encourages me to do more. Instead of attempting some huge, life overhaul to get organized, I bought a planner and started using it. Instead of making unattainable goals of reading 10 chapters of the Bible a day, I can plan on a few chapters a day plus my morning dose of 5 Psalms and a Proverb.  It only makes sense to apply this idea to eating and exercising as well. Rather than try some extreme, strict diet, just shift to eating more fruits and vegatables and less processed food. Instead of trying to maintain a rigorous exercise regimen, just try to get more activity in each day than I did before. Something is better than nothing and I find that once I start it’s much easier to add more. I have let perfectionism and extremism trip me up too many times but now that I know their game I have a much better chance of winning.



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4 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Mary Potter

    That sounds like a great way of thinking. I need to apply it to alot of areas in my life. I have been struggling alot lately with trying to make things right in my childrens lives. I need to come to the understanding that getting past addictions is a daily process and not something I can fix. But, I can be proud of every little step taken in the right direction, and glory in the days spent sober. I have a bad habit of living yesterday over and over.
    I truely need to live for the day. I send you my thoughts and prayes for success. Love Mary

    • It is a great way, much less overwhelming than the way I used to think. I haven’t fully given up my perfectionist ways but I’m headed there. Thank you for the comment and prayers, I definitely need them. I pray for you and your family and pray for the best. Keep me posted. Lovingly, Linsay

  2. I have so much trouble with this one. 😦

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