Weighing In

It can be very discouraging to weigh and not see any progress, for this reason I do not own a scale. I usually weigh when I’m at my parent’s house which prevents me from weighing too often, it usually ends up being about once every month or so (I forget to weigh while I’m there sometimes). I am happy to report that I weighed a week ago, after being off track for a couple of months and had not gained any weight back and had even lost a pound!

I haven’t done great this week as far as exercise. Part of my problem was working on a lesson for the children’s bible club I co-lead on Tuesday evenings; I gave my lesson tonight so that is off my plate. I’ve had a difficult time recently getting up as early as I need to but I started setting an extra alarm clock last night and it seemed to help this morning. It’s not the waking up that is hard, it’s staying awake and getting OUT of the warm, cozy bed. I’ve done really well with eating though and drinking lots of water. I will say goodnight now and go to bed so I can do pilates in the morning like I should. Good night!



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2 responses to “Weighing In

  1. J

    I don’t really like weighing myself either!

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